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Dark Moor – The Night Of The Age

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When the golden dusk covers me
And the beams play with the trees
Memories so come to my heart
Because the guardian of the dreams departs

Who stole my illusions?
Who stole my hopes?
Why didi the light off
And since I grope?
Where will I find the force
To untie the past's rope
In my soul?

Go on
Within the black night of the age
Getting my sadness turn to rage
Even oblivion
So feeling will be free again
The dreams will break the chains
Flying to the eternity

Sometimes in dreams I see her eyes
Watching me like wells of lies
Those in the cold cloak of the night
Were my sole flame, of whom I was acolyze

Where are the guardians of the dreams? Return to me
Tell me answers that my mind will