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Dr Dre – The Next Episode

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Paroles de la chanson The Next Episode par Dr. Dre
[Snoop Dogg]


It's the motherfucking D-O-double-G (SNOOP DOGG!)


You know I'm mobbin' with the D.R.E.


You know who's back up in this MOTHERFUCKER!)

What what what what?

(So blaze the weed up then!)

Blaze it up, blaze it up!

(Just blaze that shit up nigga, yeah, 'sup Snoop??)

Top Dogg, bite 'em all, nigga burn the shit up

D-P-G-C my nigga turn that shit up

C-P-T, L-B-C, yeah we hookin' back up

And when they bang this in the club baby you got to get up

Thug niggas drug dealers yeah they givin' it up

Lowlife, yo' life, boy we livin' it up

Takin' chances while we dancin' in the party for sure

Slip my hoe a forty-fo' and she got in the back do'