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The Aikiu – Fools

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The Aikiu - Fools Lyrics

Lyrics to Fools

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Drowning in polyester
shouting from the ghetto blaster
your voice again

how come my ayes won't shut anymore
such a struggle it feels like war
baby please don't spread
this radioactive rood in my head
and we must be fools
cause one day soon it's over
and we must be fools
now I can feel December
I hear something
footsteps on a volcano
cracking and splitting
I hear steps
dull steps
your machine gun hides the sun
baby chill baby chill
I wonder how it feels
watching the world through serene eyes
now this is what I seek
baby chill baby chill
I want to stop this film
I'm giving up
hear the siren's sounds
it all became obscene
and we must be fools
if we can't handle this
yes we must be fools
if we can't repair this

(Gracias a Alex por esta letra)



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