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Tindersticks – Show Me Everything

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Show me! Show me!

Complexities, treacheries
We watch through glass, we see nothing
Latex on my fingertips
We touch through glass, we feel nothing
All we've carried, all we've owned
Scattered like stones

All the mess, all the wrong turns
We could take these stones, we could build something
We could try forever, for trying's sake
And survive alone

You show me everything (Show me! Show me!)
You show me everything I can't afford

So many new moons to pull us around
So many new stars to guide us

So what d'you say?
You show me everything I can't afford
Bound together, separate
Take these stones, build something
Define the walls, decorate
Our mouths on the glass, we believe we taste
Everything we could have had
Everything that belongs to us
Words said in anger and in grief
Take theses stones
Throw something
We could celebrate
We could drop the bomb
And it makes no odds whatever side you're on,
Back again (?), hesitate,
The glass that holds the very air we breathe
And you, you show me everything, I can't afford
Yeah you, show me everything.